Cutting-edge tactics

Cutting-edge tactics

Contains models from domains of statistics, politics, economics, computer science, intelligence, military and psychology

Intuitive design

Intuitive design

The book features a beautiful, highly visual design that takes powerful ideas and makes them intuitive to understand and easy to implement

Battle-tested & proven

Battle-tested & proven

Informed and inspired by the work and wisdom of leading thinkers and doers


The 4 Cs: Explore the problem-solving lifecycle

The Decision Maker’s Playbook is divided in 4 sections:

  • Collect evidence helps you gather data
  • Connect the dots helps you make sense of it
  • Craft the approach helps you to come up with solutions
  • Complete the mission helps you implement them

Relevant and immediately actionable

The Decision Maker’s Playbook offers an easy-to-follow and must-have portfolio of highly effective Mental Tactics. They will allow you to see patterns, identify relationships, and view the world from different vantage points.

Thinking in Systems3
“Each day, we make dozens, if not hundreds, of decisions. But every time we decide, we’re bedeviled by biases that distort our thinking and direct us down blind alleys. In this timely work, Mueller and Dahr identify the roadblocks to efficient problem-finding and decision-making, and then prescribe solutions to overcome our worst instincts. This book is a must-have for all decision-makers. And who isn't a decision-maker?”

Daniel H. Pink, author of WHEN and DRIVE

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Chapter One

Illuminate your Blind Spots: Admit what you don’t know & correct your wrong beliefs

Chapter Three

Explore your data: Gather, scrutinize and visualize information to discover insights

Chapter Five

Don’t be fooled by randomness: Anticipate regression to the mean

Chapter Seven

Think at the Margin: Focus on the next unit

Chapter Nine

Walk the talk: Run experiments to test your solutions in the real world

Chapter Eleven

Engineer incentives: Motivate everyone to pull together

Chapter Two

Bust your biases: See through the games your brain plays

Chapter Four

Drill down: Use tree diagrams to deconstruct any problem

Chapter Six

See the big picture: Practise systems thinking

Chapter Eight

Score points: Articulate your criteria and make sound tradeoffs

Chapter Ten

Multiply your possibilities: Use real options to improve the odds of success

Chapter Twelve

Make it happen: Anticipate, execute and improve

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The author team


Simon Mueller

Simon Mueller helps CEOs and their teams design robust decision systems to improve outcomes.

As a management advisor, he has worked with dozens of public and private organizations in over 19 countries. Simon is also co-founder of the global non-profit organization The Future Society, which focuses on governance of emerging

technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. He is a frequent keynote speaker, panelist and guest lecturer on topics related to decision-making, corporate strategy, AI, robotics and automation. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, cycling and mountaineering.



Julia Dhar

Julia Dhar is a behavioral economist who uses her expertise to make organizations more productive, profitable and happier.

She has worked extensively across the United States, the Middle East, Central Asia and Australia in the public and private sectors.

Julia has also held policy and advisory roles in government, including Private Secretary to New Zealand’s Minister of Finance.


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